Welcome to Safe Haven Senior Family Home! This home is just perfect for seniors to enjoy, and is located in Huntsville, Al in a very old, beautiful and well established neighborhood. Please enjoy the gallery and dream of how nice it would be for you or your loved one to live in this 3900 square foot home and plenty of rooms for friends and family to visit you in.

Here you will find several pictures of Safe Haven Senior Family Home. Click on the thumb nails to view a larger picture. Enjoy!



Me and My Mom – My mom was always so inspirational to me. Due to her experiences in a nursing home and assisted living home, is one of the reasons why Safe Haven Senior Family Home is so important to us.


Foyer – The foyer opens up from the sunroom by double doors. The foyer area is the stone back of the large fireplace that excites with warmth and comforts the living room.


Sunroom View 1 – When one enters the home, the sunroom with pond will be the first thing viewable and shows off the beginning comfort of the home. Pictured is the sunroom with relaxing furniture as if outside, and 3 large windows to view the birds and butterflies that visit here.


Sunroom View 2 – Another picture of the sunroom with table and chairs of comfort.


Sunroom/Atrium View – This picture gives a better idea of the rock pond. Enjoy sitting where the water is calming, and the fountain, fish and environment bring a relaxed atmosphere.


Stone Fireplace – The furniture faces a stone fireplace, which gives warmth and beauty.


Electric Lift Stairs – The stairs from the den lead up to the upstairs area, where there are 2 bedrooms, two baths, plus the business office. An electric lift has been added for those with mobility concerns. An elevator has also been added, but no pictures yet.


Living Room 1 – The living room gives a sense of comfort and relaxation. Doors to the outside deck and calming view via the living room are found here.


Living Room 2 – Another picture of the living room.


Living Room Window View – The living room streams in sunlight by large windows and the door leads out to the deck.


Kitchen – The kitchen is large, painted in a cheerful color of yellow. The counter tops are marble, and yummy meals will be cooked here. We await your favorite recipes.


Family/Den Area


Family Room/Library Nook – Books can be found here and a senior can bring their own books. A senior will be given lots of space to place their things to enjoy here.


Family Room 2 – Movies, TV, games can be played in this room.


Family Room 3 – The den/family room is so cozy and comfortable and sports 2 electric lift chairs to help a senior. with mobility concerns.


Family Room 4 – More pictures of the family/den/music/TV room.


Family Room 6 – Another picture of family/den room


Dining Room – The dining room is complimented with an oak table that can sit 8 people, and sports antique furniture and wonderful paintings. A very relaxing and enjoyable to dine in.


Bedroom 1 – The bedroom is the Resident bedroom and the room gives much sunlight and is so cozy. Furniture can be moved if a senior wants to bring in their own furniture.


Bedroom 2 – Pictured is the guest bedroom, should company visit you or for our family when they visit. The room is large and inviting.


Resident Bathroom – This is the resident’s shower and bathroom, which has a wonderful walk in shower with shower chair if needed.


Downstairs Bathroom – The downstairs bath can be entered through the family room through a 36″ door.


Patio Area – This is the back view of the home that has a really nice patio for one to relax with family, friends, or alone in quite time. The doors to the patio open up with French doors from the family/Den/TV room.


Deck – This is the front of the home, and sports a deck that will sit 50 people. Great place for cookouts or family or friend gatherings, and over looks a landscaped yard.


Carport – This view of the home is taken from the driveway, and it is hard to see the double Carport of the home. The picture hopefully shows were there are plenty of areas to grow flowers, decorate a garden area, or just a place to sit and enjoy the nature involved.