Letter of recommendation from Miriam’s son. Thank you Alex.

To: Safe have Senior Family Home
From: Alex Lincoln
Subject: Recommendation
Date: March 29, 2016

This is to confirm the Lincoln family’s appreciation of the care given by James and Katie Fairchild of Safe Senior Family Home of Huntsville, AL to our beloved Mother Miriam Lincoln Sarver.

Our mother was treated as a member Fairchild family and not a day went by without her remarking on how wonderful she her care and comfort were. She truly loved being at the Safe Haven. And as a result, we were, greatly reassured.

James and Katie have a love of older people and it shows in the staff employed and the personal attention given.
In the event a family is thinking about entrusting a love one to The Safe Haven Senior family Home, please feel to contact me at alexanderlincoln@msn.com.

Best regards,
Alex Lincoln

Letter of recommendation from Miriam’s daughter-in-law. Thank you Karen.

I highly recommend Safe Haven Senior Family Home. My mother in law was a Resident there for almost a year. Everyday she would say “I live in Utopia”. Katie and Jim took care of Miriam’s every need; we were very impressed at the attention during the day. Miriam was kept very busy with activities that were fun but also stimulated her memory. Her food was prepared according to her favorites and she gained back weight that was desperately needed. There were fun days such as PJ day to every holiday celebrated. Her medical needs were met, with great communication back to the family on the state of her health and a full recap of the doctor’s visits. We felt Miriam was in a very warm, friendly, loved home and that was very important to us as we are hundreds of miles away. Your loved one will get additional love by Safe Haven. Should you want to contact me for further information on Miriam’s care, Katie can give you my information.

Karen Lincoln

Letter of recommendation from Miriam’s son. Thank you Carl.

To Whom It May Concern:
When Mom turned 94, we all thought it was time to take the step from independent living to something with a little more care. Unfortunately, Mom had a pretty bad during fall during the transition and had to be placed in a nearby nursing home.

The place was terrible! The care she received was sub-par to say the least. We looked at other facilities but the choices remained limited because she was unable to walk and those who would have taken her were not any better than the place where she was. Moreover, the costs were astronomical and certainly not worth the kind of care she was receiving.

Enter Katie and Jim Fairchild at Safe Haven. What a blessing! Mom’s condition improved considerably. It was quite amazing what they accomplished just by their extremely positive attitude and physical therapy skills. The doctors and nursing home said Mom would never walk again, but guess what, Katie and Jim had her up and around in no time!

More importantly Mom loved it there! Katie’s extroverted personality and Jim’s dry sense of humor were just the ticket! There was never a dull moment and when we came to visit we were always made welcome and felt we were all part of one big happy family.

The TLC Mom enjoyed was quite remarkable and I remember teasing her about how good she had it. I know this was true because her response was a twinkling in the eye and a sly wink! She knew she never had it so good (lol)!

Bless you Jim and Katie! Although mom is no longer with us, I am comforted by the fact that her last days were filled with your love and tender kindness.

Carl E. Lincoln
Alpharetta, GA

Letter of Recommendation written by Dianne Holder, best friend of Rubye Brock and her POA. Thank you Dianne.

To Whom It May Concern,

June 2014

I have had a very hard time writing a letter of recommendation concerning my Rubye, my best friend, for Katie and Jim, owners at Safe Haven Senior Family Home. It was just so emotional, and her death was just so hard on me, and it was so difficult to put into words of their special care of her. My words of recommendation are this. The last 11 months with Rubye under the care of Katie and Jim, owners of Safe Haven Senior Family Home, were in my expressed knowledge, were her most happiest times of her aged life. She loved the entire family environment she was in. She was always so very happy there, full of smiles, and her health improved so much. This is documented with Hospice Family Care in Huntsville, Al. Rubye did so well under Katie’s and Jim’s care, that they took her off Hospice, at the age of 97. This is amazing, as Hospice did tell Katie that Rubye was close to death, and Hospice had even talked to Rubye about this. Once she moved to Safe Haven Senior Family Home, everything changed with Rubye.

Her changes I think that made her want to live, was the fact that Rubye was aware that she was loved. And everything that happened into her life was to spoil her and make her laugh. Katie and Jim realized that Rubye needed a pet companion. Katie and Jim made the decision to provide her a special pet she called her own and named it her special dog Mickie. Mickie slept with her, played with her, and after Rubye died, Katie and Jim kept Mickie for her. Rubye had so much attention everyday. Her favorite foods were always provided, and what Jim and Katie thought was her best diet, became their own. Special smoothies were prepared for her. and dinners, and they hired a caregiver to come each Sunday to sing her favorite religious songs.

Each time I visited Rubye, she was always smiling and happy and expressed to me that Katie and Jim had saved her, and she finally felt like she was home. That she was so spoiled and that she was safe. She never had to want for anything, and if she needed Katie and Jim, all she had to do was ring a bell, and they would be right there with her.

I, myself always felt comfortable at their home, which meant a lot to me. I was able to go to sleep each night as her best friend and POA, knowing that Rubye was well watched, loved and secure.

Katie always sent me updates daily on Rubye, via emails or phone conversations. I felt that this was so important to how I felt, as I knew that Rubye was loved, and important to Katie and Jim. Rubye always told me in front of Katie and without Katie present, how much she loved being at Safe Haven Senior Family Home. She felt this was her home, and that is what I wanted.

When Rubye died, it was so difficult on Katie and Jim, as they did think of her as family. Katie was beside me as her POA to help with her funeral arrangements, and even spoke at her funeral.

Rubye was so loved, and with the individual care of Katie and Jim, I was thankful for that, and I know Rubye was, also and she always felt so blessed. She was just always so happy and content at Safe Haven Senior Family Home, knowing that she was always loved, and always safe.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for information about Safe Haven Senior Family Home, and the care that Katie and Jim give to those lucky enough to live there.

Sincerely, Dianne Holder

Cell Phone – 256-426-5067

Email – dbhtweetybird@aol.com


Letter of Recommendation written by Faye Winter, sister of Florence Durham, whom we cared for and loved the last 9 months of her life. Thank you Faye.

November 1, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Florence, my sister, had Parkinson’s disease. It was difficult to watch as the sister I had always known as a loving, hard working woman become dependent on others for the most basic things.

When it became apparent that we could no longer keep her in her home, we began searching for options. She moved into an assisted living home near her own home, but after a few months, they could not longer meet her growing needs. What do we do now? It seemed that a nursing home was the only option but after visiting a few of them, we knew that Florence would not last long in that atmosphere. After much search and prayer, I found Safe Haven Senior Family Home. I spoke with Katie on the phone, then visited their home. It seemed that God had answered my prayers (He had). We moved Florence in almost immediately.

Katie and Jim welcomed her and us (her family) with open arms. They cared for her and spoiled her and loved her. They prepared her favorite foods, made special smoothies for her, kept her clean and took care of all her needs. When it became too difficult for Florence to get up the few steps leading to her bedroom, Jim built a lift so they could take her up in the wheel chair. While I cannot say that Florence was happy there (she wanted to be in her home), I can say that she was well taken care of. I think that after a time she became content with Katie and Jim. It was of extreme comfort to me to know that her needs were being so tenderly met both day and night. It was also a comfort to be able to visit with her in the living room, have our holiday and birthday meals with her and to be with her at her death.

We loved Florence very much and it was so hard to see her slip away, but Katie and Jim made her last few months easier to bear.

Even though it has taken me much too long to write this letter, I do not hesitate to recommend Safe Haven Senior Family Home and Katie and Jim. If anyone would like to contact to me about Safe Haven, Katie can give you my contact info.

Faye Winter

Letter From Claudia Fahrner, wife of Don Fahrner, whom we cared for from Feb. 2011 until his death in Feb. 2012. We loved him so much, and will always miss him. Thank you Claudia for such a wonderful letter describing our care of Don.

To Whom It May Concern

March 12th, 2012

When my husband’s dementia became overwhelmingly too difficult for me to handle alone, I knew I needed to find a caring place for him to live with full-time care. I knew I did not want him to be in a sterile, nursing home environment where there was one care provider for every 12 care receivers, nor in a place where he would have to share a room, nor in a place where he was simply looked at as “the man in room #401 who needs to be changed.” I wanted him to have some freedom and flexibility of movement, a place where I and other family members could visit him freely and comfortably, and where he was treated with dignity and respect in all areas of his life. And in my dream of a place for him, I also wanted him to have a sweet dog.

I never expected to find all of my wishes for my husband fulfilled. But that is exactly what Jim & Katie Fairchild at Safe Haven Senior Family Home provided for my husband in the final 13 months of his life. Jim and Katie’s residential home was made for me and my husband. Not only did he have a private room and bath, full of his own things as well as those necessary items (like a handicap bathroom and shower) to keep him safe, but he had his own “lift chair”, access to an abundance of reading materials and videos, and a lovely sun room to read the morning paper, a terrace for watching the squirrels and birds, and a balcony to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. Jim & Katie gave him an abundance of loving care – preparing a special diet for his needs, administering medicines as prescribed, did all his laundry, changed him, showered him, dressed him, took him to the doctor when I could not, and treated him to outings for haircuts and milkshakes. During the tornados of 2011, they moved his bed into the living room, where there was enough natural light to care and provide for him, and that even with a week without power, they made sure he was clean, comfortable, well-fed, and happy. And they even have a guest room and bath where visiting family members could stay if needed.

Indeed, I don’t know how my husband could have been better cared for. Not only did they care for him, but they loved him. They constantly thought of his next need, and if puzzled about a behavior, they were always trying to find a solution. We worked together as a team, and I never felt alone in trying to care for my husband. I felt that Jim and Katie are extended family who loved him as much as I did, but who, as a couple, were better equipped than I was alone, to provide the care he needed. With their security cameras, they watched him constantly, so there was never a time when he was not safe and secure. And although he was often agitated and anxious before I moved him to their home, once there he was calm and peaceful. I believe he did understand that this was his home, and he was content and happy there until he passed away in Feb 2012.

He was the “king” of their castle. He never understood the sacrifices that Jim & Katie made to care for him so completely, but I do. I will be always grateful to them for all their loving kindnesses to both of us. They will always be extended family, because they loved him as their own. And I will always believe that he knew that. My family certainly does.

Therefore, I heartily recommend Jim & Katie Fairchild at the Safe Haven Senior Family Home as the most capable and loving caregivers for elders. They have a truly unique situation to provide care, and hearts way too big to capture. As well as a perfect little black dog, Precious, who loved and protected my husband, too.

If further information is needed from me, the wife with a most grateful heart, please e-mail me at: fahrner74@googlemail.com.

Claudia Fahrner


Letter of Recommendation from Delia Siegrist

Delia Siegrist

3408 Panorama Drive

Huntsville, AL 35801

Home phone: (256) 551-0241

Work/cell: (256) 652-6661

email: delia@montesano.org

To Whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mrs. Katie Fairchild who provided excellent management and care of my dear friend Mrs. Eileen Martin. Mrs. Martin was a neighbor of mine many years ago and for the last several years, due to her many infirmities, yet with no children, eventually became my sole responsibility. Over the years, Mrs. Martin endured many surgeries, various living arrangements including extended hospital stays, rehab, assisted living, and eventually a nursing home which for various reasons was an unsatisfactory arrangement. It was then that I hired Mrs. Fairchild to come and live with her in a residential dwelling near my own home. However, by the time the move in date was arranged, Mrs. Martin’s doctors were predicting less than a week for her to live. With all in place however, we opted to try this last solution anyway and I believe, because of Mrs. Fairchild’s excellent care and management of the other caregivers, Mrs. Martin progressed from a bedridden, semi-conscious state with IVs and daily hospice nurses to six enjoyable months that included excellent meals, exercise, music, wheelchair rides outside (and even some walks!), games and a loving environment that had eluded her for years. The effort was well worth it in my opinion. She died peacefully in her own bed around people who loved and cared for her.

To achieve these results, Mrs. Fairchild’s responsibilities were quite involved. Moving to an empty house, she pitched right in and coordinated the move of Mrs. Martin’s things and shopped for other items lacking. She had to outfit a kitchen from the ground up, plan and shop for meals, hire and fire appropriate caregivers to help her (Mrs. Martin required 2 caregivers round the clock), design a system to keep all the caregivers informed of Mrs. Martin’s progress, coordinate appointments with home health services, physical therapy, hospice members, nurses, medical equipment reps, cable/telephone/repair people, etc. Mrs. Fairchild also managed Mrs. Martin’s numerous medications and special diet needs. Through all of this, Mrs. Fairchild was always energetic, professional, positive, compassionate and loving not only to Mrs. Martin but to her little army of caregivers as well. She and they worked tirelessly together and continue to be good friends now. Mrs. Martin came to rely on her and trust her judgement as did I.

I would recommend Mrs. Fairchild unconditionally as an compassionate, loving manager and caregiver for an elder at any stage of their life. She has experience living with elders and clearly loves her work. For Mrs. Martin, she brought loving closure and a smooth transition from this life and that was precisely what I hoped Mrs. Martin could experience in the end.


Delia Siegrist

Letter of Recommendation From Vickie Jones

October 25, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with my sincerest pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Katie Fairchild. I have known Mrs. Fairchild for 2 ½ years as a supervisor, house manager, and friend respectively. She is a highly qualified professional in providing total care for elderly/geriatric individuals.

Katie will always assert that any resident, and his/her well-being will always be top priority and she centers her life on this principle. While under her supervision, she paid careful attention to Mrs. Martin, the 91 year old lady she was responsible for, and the surroundings by purchasing fresh flowers daily, enforcing strict guidelines regarding cleanliness, and ensuring that each room of the facility was engulfed in beauty and artwork/pictures that Mrs. Martin would love, or created or displayed in her own home. She planned tasteful meals and would ask Mrs. Martin if she desired to eat a specific dish. Katie insisted that all meals were to be freshly prepared and seasoned according the diet of Mrs. Martin. She frequently designed and thought of innovative ideas that would enhance the overall care and needs of both Mrs. Martin and the caregivers e.g., she created a caregiver area/lounge that included a baby monitoring system that enabled the caregiver to hear Mrs. Martin at all times, regardless of what room in the house the caregiver was, and if the caregiver was outside, the caregivers were instructed to wear a clip on monitor. Katie, herself, always had a monitor on her, and one at her bedside. Katie maintained all records accurately and confidentially by placing important documentation in the proper files immediately and keeping them in a locked file cabinet. Katie kept a daily log of all supplies and medications and made certain that Mrs. Martin did not run out of any necessities. Many times she would stay up all night assisting the caregivers with Mrs. Martin, and researching different methods and strategies for enhancing complete care for her. Katie spent countless hours learning about Mrs. Martin’s diagnosis/es, and finding solutions to make a healthy environment for Mrs. Martin, both mentally and physically. She conducted daily meetings with each caregiver and asked for updates to determine an accurate status as to whether Mrs. Martin was maintaining or declining in health. Her love, care, and concern for the elderly is insatiable and she truly goes beyond the call of duty, no matter the situation. Caring for others is her destiny, something that she has accepted with pleasure.

I can, with confidence, recommend Katie Fairchild to become the provider of care for any elder, especially geriatrics, needing assistance.

If any further information is needed in your consideration of Katie Fairchild, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Vickie R. Jones, B.S.
Home Instead Senior Care
(256) 604-7171

Letter of Recommendation From Jaime Watts Farrell


It is with great confidence and please that I write a letter of recommendation for Katie Fairchild, and my personal knowledge of her love and care for elders, and how she would like to make a difference for them.

I have known Katie Fairchild for 25 years, and her care and love for anyone, has always shown bright. When it comes to elders, Katie has a huge passion, desire and ambition to help them, regardless of their medical condition.

I was under Katie’s supervision as a Physical Therapist Assistant, when she cared for Mrs. Eileen Martin, from May 2008, until her death in Oct. 2008. Katie had hand picked me, as she knew that I also had a love for elders, and would do well with the job. Katie first contacted the Hospice provider and had them send a Physical Therapist to train me on what important exercises that Mrs. Martin needed.

Katie was diligent in keeping records on how the physical therapy was going. She printed out record sheets for every time I was there, and the records included how well Mrs. Martin did with her therapy, personal notes from myself concerning Mrs. Martins progress, which she would discuss with me in more detail.

As a team of the 5 crew that Katie supervised, and with me being there at least 4 days of the week, I saw first hand and admired Katie and the way she handled the care of Mrs. Martin and the way she handled the caregivers under her, to include myself.

That records were kept on anything and everything concerning the health, and total care of Mrs. Martin. The caregivers were required to write in a daily journal of everything that went on with Mrs. Martin’s care, which included so much. This was important to Katie and an asset to all the shifts of the caregivers to be informed and updated of how Mrs. Martin was doing.

Katie also spent hours on the Internet trying to find ways to improve Mrs. Martins care. Katie always made sure that anything she found on her Internet research was dated and documented for the caregivers as well.

Katie also made sure that the house was always clean, and that it was surrounded by pretty and comforting things for Mrs. Martin. The house was always organized, and she had it this way for the benefit of the care, concern and love for Mrs. Martin.

Should you have any other questions about Katie Fairchild, and her ability to care for any elder, regardless of their stage in life, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jaime W. Farrell