Safe Haven Senior Family Home is temporarily closed and, as such, is not accepting new patients. Thank you to all our clients for trusting us with their loved ones. We will let you know when we’ll open our doors again.

Residential Family Home for Seniors

Safe Haven Senior Family Home is a non-medical residential home for senior elder care. Our goal is to help your senior family member live the best life possible in their retirement years. We understand that most seniors prefer to stay in the familiarity and comfort of their own homes. Who can blame them? Their home is where they raised their children, spent numerous backyard barbecues with the neighbors and played with the family pets.

Unfortunately, there comes a time in every person’s life when living on one’s own just isn’t possible anymore. This may be due to the passing of a life partner, failing health or simply the increasing cost of living. Every day, families struggle with finding the best care for their senior family members. The astronomical cost of having a live-in nurse is out of reach for most, while the care at some impersonal and profit-driven facilities leave much to be desired.

Safe Haven Senior Family Home offers you the best of both worlds. Here, a senior will spend his or her days in a warm and caring family environment surrounded by experienced and knowledgeable staff who love and care for them as though they were family. Because they are!

Our home has enough room to give a senior their own large private bedroom with sitting area for visiting friends and family. Safe Haven Senior Family Home has a wonderful living room with a door that leads out to a huge deck with a scenic overview of the landscaped yard, birds to listen to, squirrels you can watch playing, and the occasional deer that roams into the yard. When one first enters the home through the sun room/atrium, you will be presented with a view of a water pond with a beautiful fountain and be surrounded by images of nature including butterflies, fish, seashells and other wonders.

Safe Haven Senior Family Home also has a cozy family/den/game room where one can always find something to do such as watch TV or movies, play with Jig Saw puzzles and other games, participate in crafts, or listen to music. With plenty of books on the shelves, this is a great room for reading.

One solution does not fit every situation, so an assessment will be conducted to determine what type of assistance is needed. This enables Safe Haven Senior Family Home to customize a care program that maximizes independence and dignity for a senior while still addressing the family’s needs and preferences.

NOTE! Please be sure to visit the Dedicated to Those We Cared for and Loved page. Although there is much we would love to tell you about the wonderful people we have cared for over the years, this page will give you a good idea about the care and love we show all of our residents and help you understand the reasons why we thoroughly enjoy and plan to continue providing exceptional care for seniors.

Our Specialized Care Service Package includes:

* Routine personal care
* Hygiene assistance
* Laundry
* Cleaning
* Shopping
* Meal planning and cooking
* Medication reminders
* Planned Activities
* Transfer help
* Incontinence Care
* So much more.

Our top objective is keeping our senior friends safe and feeling loved within a family atmosphere, no matter what it takes.

Please call 256-859-8041 for more information, email us through our contact page, or visit us at the following address:

Safe Haven Senior Family Home
10005 Mt. Charron
Huntsville, Al 35810

We stand ready to serve you and your senior family member.